The 411 in the Last 24

Black, Gay and Praising the Lord on BET

TEAR Sheet Ripped from the pages of @ShadowandAct By Tambay A. Obenson Following last week's VH1 special, “Out in Hip Hop,” which was hosted by T.J. Holmes, and which posed the question, "Is hip

USHER Don’t Give a F__K!

Ursher's new single, released only on TIDAL illustrates the State of Black America today... And it's Frightening. That is not a typo.  Those who don't know, check the reference. Like that commercial

What We're Watching

Move Over Tyler Perry here comes Tavis Smiley?

Yes you read that right.  Just when we thought Tavis had lost his ever loving mind and was taking Dr. Cornel West with him, Tavis inks a deal with Warner

PDiddy takes his Hustle to ABC

Well Puffy's dancing all up in the video days might be over after his latest tumble at the BET awards, but never and I mean never count this Bad Boy out.